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Affordable Small Business Solutions

We are the perfect partner for small business owners, creatives, and professionals looking to create a digital presence that stands out from the crowd. Our affordable solutions cover website design, organic marketing, and website accessibility.

If you’re tired of overpriced agencies, confusing interactions, and the inability to change your digital assets, you’ve come to the right place.  With My Digital Presence Coach by your side, you'll have a friendly partner helping you make sure your digital presence is as powerful as it can be

Other Services

One-on-One Coaching

Want the keys to your own kingdom? I will help you understand and achieve your online goals while supporting you every step of the way. I've been a trusted expert in the BC Tourism Resiliency program since its inception in 2020 and by Creative Coast to provide one-on-one digital coaching to folks across British Columbia. Using my experience as a customer success professional and knowledge of digital marketing, my methods and plain language to explain complicated processes are proven to meet you where you’re at.

Digital Consulting

Does every day feel like heavy lifting? I consult with organizations that have staff teams but need help with strategy, execution, and translating the lingo so everyone can understand. I can help empower your team with efficient and easy-to-use processes. 
Whether creating a content and distribution strategy, social media plans, staff training, business development solutions, or program creation and execution, my versatile skill set may be the match you've been looking for.

Lys Glassford digital marketing consultant in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

My name is Lys Glassford; I currently live in Nanaimo, British Columbia and work remotely throughout Canada and the US. 

I am a creative and compassionate strategic thinker that loves sharing knowledge and empowering people. I provide you with affordable solutions to make an impact online, and I won't talk you into solutions that aren't right for you. 

When I'm not working online, you can find me creating art, painting murals throughout Vancouver Island, or hanging out with my cats.

Want to do it yourself?

One-on-one coaching packages to help you learn how to grow your business online. 

Expertise, knowledge and commitment to have the client understand what was going on. 

Grey Wolf Expeditions

Black Creek, BC

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How Am I Different?

You've heard the pitch before and know you need to be online. Perhaps you don’t know what steps to take first or are unsure if your current efforts are working. 

I am an independent digital marketer and website designer that offers full-service solutions, digital presence coaching, workshops, and consulting opportunities. 

Businesses and organizations across British Columbia trust me because I explain the process, help you get started, and provide reports you will actually understand. 

I approach each project from the customer's perspective. This means accessibility first, following search engine optimization best practices, and create designs that are ready to convert leads into customers.


You'll be surprised at how quickly your business can get online. If you are a small business, non-profit organization, tourism operator, artist, or professional, my services may be exactly what you've been looking for.

Website Accessibility

 I am trained in Website Accessibility Content Guidelines and passionate about user experience. Accessibility Standards are currently being built into legislation in many provinces and states, and many more will follow suit. I provide online accessibility audits and consulting to improve your customer journey.

Search Engine Optimization

 I am an experienced SEO trained to help you with your organic marketing needs. A great SEO and content strategy reduces your advertising budget over time and can be the difference between new clients choosing you over your competitors.

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