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Is coaching charged by the project or by the hour?

Coaching is charged by the hour. Each client will have different needs and skill levels when it comes to technology. Sessions are designed to match your skill level. Whether you hold a marketing position and would like a refresher on new platform updates, or you're a beginner coaching can be tailored for you.

Will I need more then one coaching session?

This will depend on your comfortability with the topic we are chatting about. Some folks require more than one session to meet their needs. Others just need a refresher. The coaching environment is designed to suit your skill level, and some folks may need a few more sessions than others.

How can I pay for your services?

I use Wix online payments. This will allow you to conveniently pay by credit card, PayPal, or E-transfer. 

I do not accept cheque's that this time.

I took the Alacrity Canada Digital Marketing Bookcamp during the pandemic, is this different?

I have spoken with many operators who took this course but found themselves needing a bit more help on certain topics. During a coaching call, we will discuss your actual digital assets and can make real-time changes. No guessing, or trying to apply a broad strategy to fit your niche.

Can I purchase coaching for my staff?

Absolutely! I am happy to work with your staff member during business hours and help them with the digital tasks you've assigned them. There is a limit to one person per coaching session. If you would like a group coaching session we can arrange this as a custom package or webinar.

Do you lead digital presence webinars for organizations?

Yes! I have experience facilitating webinars for large to small size organizations. Webinars can be arranged for a flat fee and topics will be agreed upon before the webinar start date.

Do you provide refunds for coaching?

All coaching sessions are non-refundable. I am happy to reschedule your appointment with 24 hours' notice and within a 30-day window. 

Can you help me build a social media strategy?

Absolutely! We will discuss your business, niche, target audience and chat about the type of content and frequency need to gain a larger audience. 

I already have a digital presence, but not sure if its doing well. Is this service for me?

During the digital review coaching call, we can look at the assets you currently have and look for ways to optimize them to their fullest potential. 

I would like website coaching but I don't use Wix. Will this service still work for me?

I work with a number of different website providers including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, etc. It's important to make sure you have admin level or editor level access to your website to get the most out of these coachings.

Frequently Asked Questions


How are new websites billed?

Websites are billed in intervals of two. I will take 50% upfront, and 50% once the project is ready to be released to you. You will be able to see and make comments on the website before the second invoice is billed. Once the second invoice as been paid the site will be released to you.

How are website updates billed?

Website updates are billed in intervals of two. 50% is due before the work begins, and 50% is due once the work is completed. 

I would like to hire you to improve my website, but I don't use Wix. Can you still help me?

I work with a number of different website providers including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, etc. Before beginning any for hire website work I will always review the site to ensure I am the correct provider for your needs.

I would like a new website but not on Wix. Can I still hire you?

I am familiar with a number of different platforms. Pricing may change depending on the platform as the scope of work may be larger if you choose a different website engine. Contact me directly to discuss custom options.

I would like SEO work done, but this seems expensive. Is SEO worth it?

It's not enough to just set up a website and be online. You also need to much sure your website is optimized so search engines trust you and you're using relevant terms, keywords, and content that attracts your potential customers.

Can you rank my website #1 on Google?

Be wary of any SEO or marketing professional that promises you a #1 position on any search engine. SEO takes time, and its not as simple as ranking #1. You can rank your website for a variety of different keywords, SEO is about having a strategy to increase your digital visibility and out rank your competitors. 

If you can't promise results, why invest in SEO?

You can't pay to rank higher when it comes to an organic search result. Investing in SEO will lower your advertising budget over time and help you satisfy consumer queries. SEO will help you hit all 3 steps of the sales funnel, not just the branded search which occurs when a consumer already knows who you are.

My website is old and needs to be updated. Can you improve it instead?

Depending on how dated your website is, it may be time for a new website. Technology changes rapidly and its recommended to update your website every 2-4 years to stay current. The great news is, there are plenty of options to upgrade your website that suits any budget. 

My website is hard to navigate. Can your services help me improve usability?

Absolutely! UX, or user experience is key to making your website successful. If your website isn't structured properly, or doesn't allow users to easily perform actions you will lose traffic. I am passionate about user experience, accessibility and technical SEO.

I would like a second opinion. Im afraid my webmaster is just taking my money.

This is a common concern. Sometimes, webmasters or agencies use lingo that's hard to understand or deliver reports that are almost impossible to decipher. Schedule a one-on-one coaching call and we can chat about your concerns, I'll break down terminology and help you find the language to ask the right questions.

Other Questions

Do you retain administrative access or permissions to my social channels, website, business listings, or other analytics channels?

No. Unless you engage My Digital Service Coach in an ongoing contract, we will have no control over your website once completed and turned over to you. For most platforms, you need access to a web browser (we recommend ChromeFirefox, or Safari) and an internet connection to edit and manage your social media. Some platforms and features, like Instagram, will require you to use a smartphone. Plus, we are here to help along the way! Once our work is done we will either recommend you change passwords, or revoke access to protect your privacy.

How soon can I get started?

You can schedule your coaching calls at your convenience online. If you are hiring me to get the job done please allow 24 hours for first contact. Once we begin chatting I will be transparent about timelines and work expectations.

What other costs should I expect?

If you are retaining my service for coaching, I may suggest 3rd party software or plugins that may help you succeed faster. If you are new to the web and require a website there may be extra costs associated with your domain name. 3rd party hosting, SSL certificate, etc. If you are retaining my services for PPC advertising or SEO, or Social Media advertising there will be costs associated with running ads and a setup fee. Many business listings are free, but some platforms require additional costs.

Can I hire you for my organization?

I work with organizations on a contract by contract basis, send me an email and I'd be happy to chat about availability.

Do you create website content?

If you retain my services for SEO, it may include creating blog content. In this case I perform the research and optimization but contract 3rd party copy writers to ensure you get well written content for your website.

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