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Lys Glassford

Digital Consulting

Lys Glassford Artist and Technology Consultant


Hey, I am Lys, a front-end web designer and SEO expert passionate about online accessibility, user experience, and customer success. I'm a curious and creative professional who loves problem-solving and thinking outside the box for real-world solutions that work for you. 

Helping people brings me joy; organizations that work with me have found success online by creating strategies, improving internal processes, distributing content more effectively, teaching their staff how to implement one-touch solutions and communicating with their clients more effectively.

My expertise is connecting with people and communicating to deliver information in a way everyone can understand. I have designed and delivered informative webinars, product adoption and training workshops, and been hired to build online courses for organizations.

When I'm not working online, you can find me creating art and painting murals as Humanity In Art throughout Vancouver Island.

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Lys Glassford

Nanaimo, BC


I am an experienced remote worker living on Vancouver Island.

Skill's & Programs:

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, GIT

Wordpress, EditorX, Shopify, SQL, Jira, Confluence, ZenDesk, HubSpot, Google Workspace, SalesForce, Google Analytics, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe Fresco, Procreate


2018 Above & Beyond Award, City of Nanaimo, B.C., Arts & Culture.

2016 Emerging Cultural Leader, City of Nanaimo, BC.

Lys Glassford digital marketing consultant on Vancouver Island

Digital Strategy

Do you have a marketing team? Perhaps they are understaffed or under-experienced. I provide digital strategies to organizations to meet their online goals. Whether you need help boosting your website traffic, gaining new followers on social media, or increasing your open rates. 

Web Accessibility

 Ensuring your website and brand meet online website content accessibility guidelines is becoming increasingly common due to changing legislation and the desire to offer superior customer experience. I am a trained WCAG 2.1 specialist. 

Content Distribution

Content is critical; having a distribution strategy saves you time and money and helps keep your customers happy. Many organizations create content but need to know if their distribution efforts are paying off. I create distribution strategies and provide you with effective KPIs to manage this.

Customer Success

I am passionate about the customer journey, with over ten years of experience leading merchandising teams and building Customer Success teams. I help your organization manage the customer journey, from support staff training and building custom workflow solutions to creating technical documentation and client-facing support articles.

Workshops & Webinars

I offer organizations workshops or webinars that their stakeholders want to participate in. There are topics ranging from building your own website, SEO & Accessibility training for beginners, and how to use social media to avoid burnout.

Workshops can be arranged at in-person locations across Vancouver Island, or webinars can be designed to meet your stakeholders online.


 I love building custom workflows for organizations and combining years of merchandising experience with team leadership, customer support and digital adoption. I build workflows to help your business to help your team use their time efficiently.  

Why Work With Lys?

I am a highly creative, effective communicator that loves deadlines. My clients know I will keep projects on track, communicate delays, and meet my deliverables. 

I am often brought in to support projects when another firm's communication has gone sideways. Using my experience building and managing customer success teams, I speak both the technical and layman's terms and ensure you feel up to date on any project I'm working on. 


The Digital Creation Hub (DCH) program started as a spark of an idea and with Lys's guidance it has turned into a viable pilot project. They have created all the systems and backend processes needed to run this vital program, and they are also serving as the digital coach for the program itself. 

They have a way of explaining complicated and enigmatic digital processes in a very digestible and kind way, tailored to the individual's needs, and their one-on-one work with our artist clients is the highlight of the program. They have an impeccable work ethic and are quick to troubleshoot areas where we might run into difficulties, offering tangible real-world solutions. They bring such a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they are able to guide our artists through the huge array of digital options available to them.  We are looking forward to working with them on more projects and highly recommend them. 

Illana Hester | Executive Director,

The Old School Art House

Business Development Solutions

Services your stakeholders actually want

I've been trusted by organizations to deliver one-on-one digital presence coaching and facilitate workshops to teach small business owners how to build their own websites, create clear messaging, and follow SEO and online accessibility best practices. 

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